About Me

Welcome to Left-Handed Guitar World

Welcome to Left-Handed Guitar World! As a left-handed guitarist and YouTuber, I have been fortunate enough to test and review hundreds of left-handed guitars. My YouTube channel at intheblues has the largest archive of left-handed guitar videos in the World. Here’s a little bit about me.

About Me
Yes, I am a lefty!


About this Website

Not everyone that follows my YouTube channel is interested in left-handed guitars, so this website was born.  Over the years, I have tested and owned guitars from so many brands and some of which are exclusive to shops like Jerry’s Lefty Guitars or South Paw Guitars.  I have owned at least 40 left-handed guitars ranging from acoustics, nylon string guitars, electric guitars, and basses.  I will compile a list of these coming up on this website soon.


My Goal

My goal with this site is to be the premier left-handed guitar review and resource website.  Over the coming months, you will see this website grow exponentially as I will be traveling to several fantastic left-handed guitar shops around the World. My goal is to build up this website as an archive and help site for future lefty guitarists.


Site Transparency

Every single guitar review on this website and my intheblues YouTube channel are 100% unpaid from manufacturers or stores.  What this means I don’t get receive any scripts or payments to “include” points in any of my videos. I’ve been reviewing guitars on my channel since 2006, and I say it how it is.

The majority of the reviews on this website are guitars I have borrowed for review or purchased myself.  Some of the guitars that I review have been sent directly from the manufacturer that allows me to keep them. I help cover my costs by including affiliate links to retailers online, and only if you choose to use them. 🙂


My other Sites

I have been reviewing guitar gear for years and have recently set up the Guitar Speaker Guide website. This site is packed with useful speaker information and guides for choosing the best speakers for your amplifiers.

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