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Vola Vasti Electric Guitar Review

Vola Vasti Electric Guitar Review

This article is a full review of the Vola Vasti Tele-style electric guitar.  This guitar is handmade in Japan and features a combination of unique looks and fantastic tones.  For the sale of transparency, Vola sent me this guitar out for the review. Vola let me keep the guitar, but they have not paid me in addition to allowing me to keep it.  All of my reviews are as balanced as possible, and Vola has no input into my blog or YouTube videos.


First Impressions

The Vola Vasti has a lot to like about it.  Not long ago, I reviewed the Vola Oz 22 Strat, and it blew my mind in terms of quality and tone.  The Vola Vasi is inspired by a Telecaster design but with modern appointments. Much like the previously mentioned guitar, the Vola Vasti was instantly eye-catching

The great news is, this is not a straight-up Telecaster clone like a lot of other brands.  Vola has kept some remanence of the classic design and modified it to no end.

The shape of the Vola Vasti is familiar while at the same time very different.  One of the most significant differences visually is the downwards tilting horn. The second most notable difference is visual design.  Vola has added a unique body design incorporating a belly cut on the backsides of the instrument for comfort.

Fans of the traditional Telecaster shapes might find this design a little too modern, but I love it. Standing out in a sea full of guitar clones takes a unique approach, and Vola has nailed it.

I instantly enjoyed the feel of this fat neck and felt right at home playing it immediately.


Shane playing the Vola Vasti
Shane playing the Vola Vasti


Pickups and Tone

Here is where the guitar shines!  We get a traditional Telecaster-style neck pickup with one big difference; it’s very bright! I love the tone of this neck pickup, and it’s on par with the sounds out of my far more expensive Fender American Original 50s Telecaster.

Vola design and use their pickups in their guitars.  They haven’t opted for the fastest option of loading them with other pickup brands. I respect that they put the time and effort into original pickup designs.

A lot of neck position Tele pickups lack treble frequencies.  This lack of high-end frequencies is not the case with the Vola branded neck pickup. The guitar pickup will shine clean and also with gain allowing clarity and bite on your tone.

The Bridge pickup is where even more of the magic happens.  This rail-style pickup incorporates a passive boost circuit that gives you more output.  With the volume control in the down position, the pickup is in the “regular” mode. In contrast, with the volume control pot in the up position, the boost is enabled. This boost will give you the perfect volume for a solo without having to stomp on a pedal.

This boost is 100% passive.  The benefit of a passive boost control means you don’t need to change batteries or recharge anything.  I wish more companies did this as it’s a game-changing design.  I have only seen similar technology to this in the Reverend guitars.


Vola Vasti Pickups
Vola Vasti Pickups


Neck Size and Feel

The neck on the Vola Vasti is chunky, but it’s not a baseball fat neck. Vola calls this the “Thick C.” If you are unfamiliar with the Vola guitars, this is somewhere between the Fender U shape and Deep C profiles.

I state that its “somewhere” between there because Vola has recently downsized their necks by 1mm. Vola mentioned that it was because most players found the original necks “a tad too fat.”  I love the fat neck guitars, but I know they aren’t for everyone.

The Neck size and feel will appeal to anyone who is into anything other than the modern C design.


Frets & Hardware

Again, the hardware and frets are perfect.  The tone and volume control work without any issues, and the fret edges are perfect.  Vola has decided to go with a medium-jumbo fret on the Vasti, and it feels great to play.

The tuners are very reliable and slanted downwards. These angled tuners allow for more tuning reliability, especially on the thinner strings.

Vola Vasti Frets and Hardware
Vola Vasti Frets and Hardware


Value for Money

These guitars are of great value.  Japanese handmade guitars are among the best guitars globally.  Vola’s quality control has been just as good as Japanese brands like Tokai and FGN.  The two Vola guitars I own are great straight out of the box.  The pickups, tone, and feel of this guitar are on par with higher-end guitars like Fender, Suhr, or Tom Anderson.


Here is my video review of the Vola Vasti. I showcase the sounds and features of this electric guitar.

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Included Accessories

Included with the Vola Vasti is a high-quality Vola gig bag. These gig bags are some of the nicest ones included with any guitar. These bags come a very close second to the PRS SE gig bags that are some of the best out there.

Also included are the tools that you need for making adjustments to the truss rod or saddles.


Who this Guitar is for

This Vola Vasti is for anyone who wants a modern take on a Telecaster.  The rail pickup in the bridge is a huge selling point, as well as the fat neck.  If those things appeal to you, then this is a great choice.

Depending on where you live, this guitar will also save you money in comparison to brands like Fender, Suhr, or Tom Anderson, for example.  Even though this is less expensive than those brands, the playing experience is just as good or better.


Who this guitar is not for

I would have a hard time recommending this guitar to someone who wants to Djent.  My reasoning behind that is because the neck pickup would not handle those super heavy metal guitar tones very well.  If you don’t like a fairly thick neck guitar, then I would also avoid it.


Concerns or Quality Control Issues

I have consistently been a vocal advocate for Japanese built guitars. The quality, feel, and overall playability is always top-notch.  Furthermore, I have experienced zero issues with my Vola straight out of the box.  The hardware and build quality are exceptional.  This guitar is on par with my far more expensive Fender 50s Original Telecaster.


Vola Vasti Guitar


Overall Opinion

I love this instrument. Everything from the pickups to the uniqueness of the body and headstock is very fresh.  The bridge pickup boost button puts this ahead of many other options, in my opinion, thanks to the versatile nature of the available tones.

Another positive the fact that Vola has done something different with a classic design rather than just copying it like a lot of other brands would have.  The quality and tones of this guitar mixed with the uniqueness will find its way into many satisfied players’ hands.

Do I plan on taking this guitar out to gigs? Absolutely! I would trust the Vola Vasti to perform well at concerts, recording sessions, or more.


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  • Country of Origin:  Handmade in Japan
  • Construction: Bolt-on neck
  • Body: Ash
  • Neck: Hard Maple 1 piece, Vola C shape, Thickness: 1st fret 23mm/12th fret 24.5mm, Gloss finish (Gen1)
  • Fingerboard: 22 Frets – 25.5″ Scale, 12″ Radius, Black Dot inlays
  • Pickups: Vola VDR I bridge, Vola VTS I neck
  • Electronics: 1 x Volume (Push-pull: power boost for Rear pickup) – 1 x Tone 3 – way Lever Switch
  • Hardware: Nickel, Gotoh Ti-TC1 Bridge, Gotoh SD91-05M HAP Tuners, Gotoh TC10 Control Panel
  • Case:  Vola Deluxe Gig Bag (included)


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